The Future of IKM – new LinkedIn group and meetings

The future is all around us. We are experiencing change affecting all aspects of our lives – from the professional to the personal. Although we don’t know exactly what the future holds, we can be certain that in 5 years’ time so much will have changed. But change does not have to be negative or scary: doing things differently is not intrinsically bad, but we do have to come to terms with how the changes will affect us both personally and at work.

We believe that the information profession is facing exciting opportunities and now is the time to grab them with both hands! Yes, some roles will undoubtedly disappear, however new ones are appearing. These changes will definitely impact on how we interact with and support our business users.

To our minds one key way of coming to terms with and embracing change is to understand and actively engage with the elements of change – that way one can reconcile and adapt to change, taking advantage of the opportunities it brings.

Noeleen Schenk (Metataxis) and Sheila Moorcroft (Realising Your Future) have been doing just that. We have started a series of conversations with thought leaders in the wider information and knowledge management discipline. The aim of the discussions is to identify key trends that are already affecting (or will do so in the near future) information and knowledge management, considering what this could mean to the profession and how it will impact on how organisations create, use and manage their information assets. A summary of the discussions to date can be accessed here.

In order to facilitate our conversations, we have created a LinkedIn Group  and will be holding regular (every 3-4 months) evening meetups. We would welcome as many people as possible to join both conversations.

The first meeting is on September 6th (NOTE CHANGE OF DATE) in London – details and booking via Eventbrite.