Information Architecture Training for Microsoft 365

Information Architecture Training

All you need to know about Microsoft 365 Information Architecture 

11 Dec 22 – Book your place on our virtual training course this January

Besides supporting customers with their information management projects, our Senior Consultant and information governance guru, Siobhan King, also delivers comprehensive training courses for those looking to learn more about Information Architecture (IA) for Microsoft 365.

Delivered through our training partner Leadership Through Data, this virtual course, “All You Need To Know: Microsoft 365 Information Architecture” is an ideal opportunity for attendees to consider the practicalities of rolling out an IA, taking into account everything from gaining senior buy-in to working effectively with colleagues in IT.

Why you should attend this course?

Course attendees regularly feedback that our course really helps them to have much better conversations with IT about Microsoft 365.

This is in part because our course helps people to understand how Microsoft 365 works by providing live examples and opportunities for hands on development of Information Architecture.

Seeing Microsoft 365 products such as SharePoint, Teams and Purview from an Admin perspective and putting this into context really does help establish a common language with IT when working together to develop and roll out Microsoft 365 applications.

This Microsoft 365 Information Architecture course also provides insight into the IT perspective for managing Microsoft 365 products and helps attendees to form productive working routines together with IT.

Siobhan explains: “The thing that strikes me each time I teach this course is that for a roll out of Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams to succeed, organisations need to establish who is responsible for what at the very beginning.”

There are two specific types of roles to consider: 

  1. who will be the decisions makers
  2. who will be the implementers

Each of these roles is equally important because between them, they help to avoid any snags in a project and ensure things get done. This is such an important conversation to have up front.

The IA course also helps learners identify any other activities and considerations that may similarly require a discussion regarding roles and responsibilities.

How to book

Siobhan will be delivering this course again in the week commencing 9th of January 2023 and we couldn’t think of a better way to start the new year!

Places are limited but there is still some availability. If you would like kick start 2023 and learn all you need to know about Microsoft 365 Information Architecture, simply click the button below to book your seat now!