The Metataxis Approach

Metataxis believes that information should be at the heart of any information management system – not technology or process, as is so often the case.

An information architecture which supports user requirements and behaviours, and which is appropriate for the specific content, is the key to any successful information-based project. We have worked with clients to introduce systems for information management, collaboration and intranets over the past thirteen years, and so we have a wealth of experience in designing information architectures which deliver the required controls and user experience within the constraints of budget and technology.

We believe that an information governance framework defining the information and data management principles is necessary to underpin the efficient and effective management of an organisation’s information and data, to support its core functions and activities, and to demonstrate compliance with its legal and regulatory obligations. These principles should apply to all information and data that is created, collected, held, used, shared, transformed, published or processed.

The framework and principles will provide assurance that:

  • C: The confidentiality of our information and data is maintained
  • I: The information and data can be trusted and has integrity
  • A: The information and data is kept secure and can be accessed by approved individuals, when and where required