What’s in a name?

Metataxis (meta-tak-sIs): A change in the ordering of things. Derived from the ancient Greek meta tasso and inspired by the words Metadata and Taxonomy.

Meta-: Prefix, from the Greek, among, with, after; akin to Old English mid, mith, with, Old High German mit. [1] Occurring later than or in succession to: after. [2] Situated behind or beyond. [3] Later or more highly organised or specialised form of.

Tasso: ancient Greek, to arrange or put in order; to assign to a class.

Taxonomy: 1828, from French taxonomie, from Greek taxis (arrangement) + –nomia (method), from -nomos (managing) from nemein (to manage).

Data: from Latin, plural of datum. [1] Factual information used as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or calculation. [2] Information output by a sensing device or organ that must be processed to be meaningful. [3] Information in numerical form that can be digitally transmitted or processed.

Metadata: Information about information. In practice, metadata comprises a structured set of descriptive elements to describe an information resource or, more generally, any definable entity.