Metataxis New Zealand

We are delighted to announce the opening of Metataxis NZ in January 2014. Liz Scott-Wilson and Judi Vernau will be providing consultancy in information management and architecture, bringing their extensive experience and knowledge to bear on the issues increasingly facing NZ organisations as they grapple with information overload, compliance and the need to be work more cost-effectively. Liz Scott-Wilson said ‘Thoughtful analysis, architecture and design will enable findability, record-keeping and security in information systems to be easy on the user and to provide higher quality outputs. Automating these aspects of information management is the key to true efficiencies both for the end-user and system and infrastructure managers’.

As well as helping organisations to manage their documents and data, Metataxis NZ also provides consultancy in how to structure and classify information assets in order to provide a better service to end users and to make the creation process more efficient. Judi Vernau commented: ‘A lot of our UK clients are finding that the development of a metadata schema and taxonomy at the start of the content creation process means that they can commission more efficiently, avoiding overlaps and spotting gaps. Both of these semantic tools can then be used in many ways to enhance findability for the end users.’

A large part of the Metataxis NZ offering will be its training programme, helping you and your staff to grow your skills in information management and information architecture. Details of our public courses will be available soon. In the meantime, if your organisation is interested in in-house courses, please contact Liz to discuss how we can help you.