Alexander Church

Senior Consultant

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Alex is a seasoned information, knowledge and digital professional with over 15 years experience in the field. Over this time he has held a variety of roles in the areas of strategy, governance, policy and technology, all with the aim of improving enterprise information and knowledge management.

In doing this he has successfully introduced new policies and processes, delivered technology solutions, and driven user adoption. He has been instrumental in the delivery of a variety of projects, from major records management programmes through to the introduction of social intranets and collaborative workspaces.

Alex believes that implementation is by itself not enough and that the key to the success of any programme is adoption; to this end he is very focused on the needs of the user. At the same time, he is mindful that tactical solutions are of only limited value and that a strategic focus is essential in delivering the real outcomes that an organisation is looking for.

Alex has a broad and deep information and knowledge expertise covering enterprise content management, document management, records management, intranets, collaboration, social business and enterprise search.