Taxonomy expertise delivers single version of truth

03 March 2023 – Metataxis taxonomy expertise improves information management for Central Government department.

Metataxis is delighted to be helping a UK Central Government department to improve the management of its information.

Our experts have been commissioned to create a single taxonomy for use across the entire organisation.

This new taxonomy will name, describe and classify all information held by the department. Once defined, the taxonomy will enable a “single version of the truth” for the improved handling, analysis, and interpretation of the information they hold.

It will also support a real cultural change towards end-to-end system management as well as consistency and standardised working for data, information, and records management. 

This six-month project will consist of phases to collate, validate, and deliver the taxonomy. 

The Metataxis team of experts will then go on to provide key recommendations on its transition to real-life operation and its ongoing maintenance moving forward, to maximise value.

If you would like to learn more about how we help both public sector organisations and private businesses address the challenges of information management simply contact us.

Methodology: Mystical or meaningful?

Addressing the methodology hype

In his latest blog, Marc Stephenson, Director at Metataxis, discusses the mystique around methodologies typically presented by consultancies and the Metataxis approach to success.

The methodology mystique

There is often a lot of nonsense surrounding how consulting actually works and how consultants speak. In particular, how consultancies sell the specialness of their services by selling the specialness of their methodologies (I’m looking at you, big consultancies). Often “The Methodology” has an impressive, long, acronym, that has good marketing impact, and an even more impressive diagram explaining the methodology. 

I’m not saying that such methodologies have no value, but I do think they are over-hyped. In my view, they are often conceived to be clear enough to sound useful, and be a clear consultancy differentiator, but also not so clear that the potential client can simply use them without hiring the originating consultancy! I also question whether a fixed methodology (as they usually are), is always well suited to the variable, unstructured world of information management.

The Metataxis approach

Metataxis takes a different approach. We have some methodological tools at our disposal of course, but when and how we use them really depends on the client and what the client is trying to achieve. Metataxis is focussed on delivering value to our clients and we’ll use any techniques and approaches that does just that – we are not slaves to The Methodology.

Listening to customers

If I was forced to define the Metataxis methodology, I would say we take the time to understand the client’s context, ask about what the client needs, and most importantly, listen to what our clients’ say. Not complicated, and definitely no methodology mystique.

Interested to learn more? If you’re looking for a fresh, clearer approach to consulting, we can help. Get it touch today.

Information management: A want, or a need?

The value of proper planning 

Marc Stephenson, Director at Metataxis, reveals his three reasons why budget planning and project preparation is so important in his latest blog: 

After many years successfully delivering consulting services to our clients, we’ve noticed that from about November, there is often an end of year rush. Clients urgently contact us to work on projects that need to be delivered by the end of the March – budgets must be spent! Whilst we are always responsive to client requests (even if that means we are very busy early in the year!), it raises the question – why didn’t you plan better?! I think there are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, we are all living through challenging times, budgets are being squeezed, priorities are being questioned, and therefore work that needs to happen, takes precedence over work that you’d like to happen. We get this.

Secondly, work on information management systems is typically started without having the relevant information strategy, information architecture and governance regime in place. These are not optional deliverables, and many clients do not always appreciate their importance – until their projects start to go off the rails. There is then a rush to get Metataxis involved to fix things!  

And lastly, why isn’t information management and the systems that support it a need rather than a want? Ask yourself: 

  • Is keeping your information safe and compliant a need? 
  • Is enabling your users being to find information a need?
  • Is generating value from your information a need? 

Metataxis would argue these are not “nice-to-haves”, they are the essential underpinning of any organisation. You must be able to manage the most important assets your organisation has – it is information.

Sorting your needs from your wants

Here at Metataxis, we understand the value of data. We also understand that proper planning and preparation leads to project success.

Don’t rush to spend your budget on last minute projects. Make 2023 the year to take a moment to plan ahead, prioritise your needs and wants and make that all important budget work harder.

Read more about our information management services. And if you want address your information management challenges to be better prepared for future projects, we can help. Get it touch today.

SharePoint intranet goes live for central Government customer

New SharePoint intranet improves user access to information

13 Jan 23 – Phase One of New SharePoint Intranet goes live for central Government department  

Metataxis is thrilled to announce that Release 1 of a new SharePoint intranet for a UK central Government department has just gone live! 

With a clear objective of improving user access to knowledge and information, this major intranet project was started back in January 2022. 

Key deliverables of Phase One covered information architecture, including site structures, content types, columns, and term sets, as well as a powerful search.

With ease-of-use top of mind, the dedicated project team included solution architects, developers, an information architect, user experience architects, user researchers, business analysts, comms people, and other project support professionals. 

This 15+ strong team of experts has been working round the clock, fully focused on making the launch of Release 1 as smooth as possible, while ensuring all user requirements were met – especially around search and findability.

Marc Stephenson, Director at Metataxis comments: “We are delighted to have been part of the team that completed Phase One of this key intranet project for the UK Government. Strong commitment and teamwork have played a significant part in the successful delivery and smooth go live of this initial release – we have seen a fantastic effort from everyone involved on the project to date.” 

Release 2 and Release 3 will follow later this year to deliver this SharePoint intranet solution and valuable resource for all employees within this public sector organisation.

Want to modernise your intranet in 2023?

If you are looking to drive productivity and improve user access to key information, simply contact us and we would be delighted to discuss your intranet project with you.

Microsoft Search: How to make Office 365 more powerful

What is Microsoft Search?

Microsoft Search empowers users to find the information they need by unlocking knowledge and expertise. Integrated with Microsoft 365, it is a valuable tool that helps you quickly find what you’re looking for. Whether you’re searching for people, files, organisation charts, sites, or answers to common questions, you can use Microsoft Search throughout your work day to get answers.

Where do I find Microsoft Search?

When you’re signed in to Microsoft 365, you’ll find the new search box at the top of several of the apps in Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 search

How does Microsoft Search work?

Microsoft Search is really powerful but can often be confusing to use. It includes SharePoint search (at many different levels), Office 365 search, Microsoft Teams search and it even integrates with Bing, so you can obtain search results both from the web and from your organisation—in any browser and on any device.

Conduct a smarter search

This new tool offers a host of configuration options that attempt to make the search experience efficient for users. It includes the application of machine learning and adapts to each individual user’s search query history. This makes it really personal – so other users might see different results than you, even when you both search for the same words.

Good search is essential to any system’s overall findability. Search allows people to find content they aren’t aware of or don’t know exists. For many users, search is the key feature of any Microsoft 365 implementation, especially intranets and collaboration systems. The main challenge for many organisations is that configuring search is difficult – there are just so many options to consider.

The value of well configured search

Well-configured Microsoft Search will not only allow your users to find what they are looking for; it will give them confidence that the system works for them. This in turn drives user adoption which means the machine learning aspects of search get better, which makes search better, and so a positive feedback loop is created.

How we can help

Microsoft Search is a new search offering that helps you save time by bringing you the best of the web and work in a single experience. But to really work– it needs to be configured correctly.

Metataxis can help you architect and configure Microsoft Search based on many years of real-world experience. We can explain the available search options, their pros and cons, and provide you with all the configuration detail you need to make a success of search. That way you can always find what you are looking for. If you would like to learn more, simply contact us today.

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