20 years ago today, part 2: The rise of hand-held devices

This post part of  a weekly series of reminiscences and predictions on all things information management, to celebrate 20 years of Metataxis.

The use of hand-held devices was picking up speed. The innovative Palm Pilot was the latest gadget for early adopters, once you learnt it’s quirky “shorthand” style input. There were a growing number of people using these devices (I had the lovely full-colour screen iPAQ – remember that?!). The ultimate conclusion of this trend being the now ubiquitous smartphone. A powerful computer in everyone’s pocket – we’ve come a long way.

Announcing our new partnership with Leadership Through Data

LTD partnership

Happy New Year! We’re really pleased to start 2022 with an exciting announcement!

Metataxis is delighted to be joining partnership with Leadership Through Data. As leaders in information governance training in the UK and Australasia we are delighted to be working with Leadership Through Data to deliver both courses and in-house training.

At Metataxis we feel we share many of the same values as Leadership Through Data. We are both passionate about empowering our clients to manage their information effectively and with confidence. This makes Leadership Through Data an excellent fit for Metataxis as a training delivery partner.

Bringing our services of training and consultancy together in partnership provides you with a “one-stop shop” for all your information governance needs. Metataxis training is now to be provided through Leadership Through Data, who provide an excellent range of courses on Information Governance, Information Management and Microsoft 365. Our Metataxis consultants are pleased to be joining the LTD team as trainers and look forward to meeting delegates in 2022.

Leadership Through Data is now also offering consultancy services through Metataxis, who can provide consultancy services for information management, information governance, information architecture and Microsoft 365.

Leadership Through Data and Metataxis have already been working together on a new course on Information Architecture for Microsoft 365 which will be launched in 2022. This is just one of the first of the joint initiatives we are working on and we look forward to continuing to our deliver services, with our shared commitment to helping our clients be the best they can be.


It was 20 years ago today…

Twenty years ago, a dot-com software development manager (me) and a publishing director (Judi Vernau) decided to form Metataxis. We both felt that this intriguing new discipline of “Information Architecture” was something that had promise for the future, and was something we could do well at given our backgrounds. 

Twenty years later we are still here with both Metataxis UK and Metataxis NZ. Along the way, Metataxis has had, and still has some fantastically talented individuals, who’ve delivered endless value to our clients in information architecture and information management. 

But enough of the self-congratulations! In a series of posts over the coming weeks, I’ll be looking back at how information management has changed over the last 20 years. I’ll even make some predictions about the next 20 years. Watch this space…

Taxonomy Boot Camp London

I attended the Taxonomy Boot Camp London on 17 October. Another great conference!

I presented some (playful) thoughts on the possible demise of Information Architecture as a profession. Take a look at my slides.

More importantly, Judi Vernau made it to the shortlist of Taxonomy Practitioner of the Year. Congratulations to the winner Tom Alexander of Cancer Research UK!