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Information Architecture Training

Information Architecture Training for Microsoft 365

This virtual course, “All You Need To Know: Microsoft 365 Information Architecture” is an ideal opportunity for attendees to consider the practicalities of rolling out an IA, taking into account everything from gaining senior buy-in to working effectively without colleagues in IT.

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20 years ago today, part 8: Strap on your jetpacks

This post is a continuation of a series of reminiscences and predictions on all thingsinformation management, to celebrate 20 years of Metataxis. Let’s now look to the future… Guessing what the future will hold is easy, guessing right is hard.

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It was 20 years ago today…

Twenty years ago, a dot-com software development manager (me) and a publishing director (Judi Vernau) decided to form Metataxis. We both felt that this intriguing new discipline of “Information Architecture” was something that had promise for the future, and was something

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What’s involved in a SharePoint health check?

Many organisations think that Office 365/SharePoint deployment and configuration is both simple and quick only to find the reality quite different once the system is used in anger.  But a well-timed health check of SharePoint can save a lot a

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