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Assess your EDRMS

Nov 22 – Metataxis delivers records management recommendations to support Health Sector Organisation. Bound by strict data compliance regulations and governance rules, many public sector organisations are challenged with meeting their record management requirements. Metataxis is delighted to be supporting a large Health Sector Organisation address these challenges with a comprehensive assessment of the information and records management solutions currently available to help them confidently select the right platform to deploy across the Organisation. The Organisation is required to comply with the Lord Chancellor’s Code of Practice on the Management of Records issued under Section 46 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. This code of practice provides guidance to public authorities on the keeping, management and destruction of records under the Act. The assessment will initially review the capability of the existing Microsoft 365 products currently in use across the Organisation in terms of its ability to maintain governance and satisfy the records management legislation as laid out by the Code of Practice. We will then go on to compare the Microsoft 365 functionality against three other suitable Electronic Document and Record Management Systems (EDRMS) that are available on the open market. Besides compliancy, our team of Records Management experts will also undertake a comprehensive risk assessment of all four platforms, as well as investigating usability and business effort required to deploy each system cost effectively, swiftly and securely. Explains Noeleen Schenk, Director at Metataxis: “The ability to navigate records compliance requirements, create retention and disposal schedules, and ensure secure information management is fundamental for public sector organisations. The results of this two-tier evaluation will enable us to ascertain which solutions meet the Organisation’s legal and compliance requirements and put forward a set of valid recommendations. This will ensure the Organisation is well placed to select the best platform to meet their information and records management needs.” Metataxis provides records management services to improve retention and disposal management. If you would like to learn more about our retention and records management services for your organisation, simply contact us.

UK Constabulary chooses Metataxis for Information Architecture project

Nov 22 – Metataxis supports UK police force with a new Information Architecture framework.

Bound by strict data compliance regulations and governance rules, many public sector organisations are challenged with meeting their information management requirements.

Metataxis is thrilled to be supporting a UK constabulary address these challenges with the development of a new Information Architecture (IA) framework for Microsoft 365.

This new framework will consider the best ways to structure and manage information stored in Microsoft 365 applications across the organisation, including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive. We will also look at how they manage compliance in Microsoft Purview to create a well-defined, compliant, Information Architecture (IA) framework.

This comprehensive plan will set out recommendations and parameters for a successful Information Architecture implementation, providing a solid base for the team to start building their architecture and subsequently roll out the Microsoft 365 project.

We are also helping the IT team to develop a clear information governance framework which will define the roles and responsibilities within the organisation to ensure success of the Information Architecture project.

Explains Siobhan King, Senior Consultant at Metataxis: “Responsible for lots of personal data, security and compliance is vital for all public sector organisations. Following a well-defined Information Architecture framework, this UK police constabulary will be well placed to begin the successful implementation of their Information Architecture for Microsoft 365 and remain confident that all governance and compliance regulations are met.”

The project commenced in October 2022 and is expected to be completed early next year.

Metataxis provides information architecture services to help structure and classify information in order to leverage the information’s full value. If you would like to learn more about our information architecture services for your organisation, simply contact us.

Metataxis joins Archives and Records Association (ARA) to share best practices with like-minded professionals

Nov 22 – Metataxis is delighted to become a corporate member of the Archives and Records Association (ARA) UK & Ireland.

The Archives and Records Association is the leading professional body for the record-keeping sector. It was created to ensure that archives and records are properly looked after and preserved for posterity and that all those working hard on this task receive the proper training and support to do so.

As a corporate member, we look forward to sharing our Records Management knowledge, offering practical advice, best practices as well as other useful resources to support professionals in the in the archives and records sector.

Comments Noeleen Schenk, Director at Metataxis: “We are delighted to be part of this professional body and join in the conversations to champion the records management sector. We are really looking forward to attending the upcoming events and the opportunity to network and connect with other records management professionals.”

Metataxis provides records management, retention and disposal solutions and to over 250 clients in the public, private and third sectors. If you would like to learn more about our record management services, simply contact us.

Join the Information Revolution!

The information revolution is here! 

Information Management in government is in the midst of a long term transition. To be successful now and in the future, we have to be active participants in the day-to-day business of our organisations and in the design of the information resources that our organisations use.

If we get this right, the next big gains in productivity and public good will come from us.

It’s a step change in information management – and we want everyone to be part of it.

Karl Melrose (Leadership Through Data), Judi Vernau (Metataxis UK and NZ) and Michael Upton (Metataxis NZ), get together every fortnight, where they discuss topics in information management practice that are relevant for today and the future.

They also bring in other industry insiders to talk about what they’re doing, and how their practice is changing.

Are you ready learn more? 

Watch our Information Revolution podcast series today and discover more about the latest trends and best practices around information management, information architecture, data retention and more. 

What is Microsoft Search?

Microsoft Search empowers users to find the information they need by unlocking knowledge and expertise. Integrated with Microsoft 365, it is a valuable tool that helps you quickly find what you’re looking for. Whether you’re searching for people, files, organisation charts, sites, or answers to common questions, you can use Microsoft Search throughout your work day to get answers.

Where do I find Microsoft Search?

When you’re signed in to Microsoft 365, you’ll find the new search box at the top of several of the apps in Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 search

How does Microsoft Search work?

Microsoft Search is really powerful but can often be confusing to use. It includes SharePoint search (at many different levels), Office 365 search, Microsoft Teams search and it even integrates with Bing, so you can obtain search results both from the web and from your organisation—in any browser and on any device.

Conduct a smarter search

This new tool offers a host of configuration options that attempt to make the search experience efficient for users. It includes the application of machine learning and adapts to each individual user’s search query history. This makes it really personal – so other users might see different results than you, even when you both search for the same words.

Good search is essential to any system’s overall findability. Search allows people to find content they aren’t aware of or don’t know exists. For many users, search is the key feature of any Microsoft 365 implementation, especially intranets and collaboration systems. The main challenge for many organisations is that configuring search is difficult – there are just so many options to consider.

The value of well configured search

Well-configured Microsoft Search will not only allow your users to find what they are looking for; it will give them confidence that the system works for them. This in turn drives user adoption which means the machine learning aspects of search get better, which makes search better, and so a positive feedback loop is created.

How we can help

Microsoft Search is a new search offering that helps you save time by bringing you the best of the web and work in a single experience. But to really work– it needs to be configured correctly.

Metataxis can help you architect and configure Microsoft Search based on many years of real-world experience. We can explain the available search options, their pros and cons, and provide you with all the configuration detail you need to make a success of search. That way you can always find what you are looking for. If you would like to learn more, simply contact us today.