Case Studies

Case studies

Our stories of success

Take a look at our collection of case studies and discover real-world success stories how Metataxis helps clients improve the way they manage their information.

Microsoft 365 Design
Information strategy case study

Delivering Microsoft 365 migration success

As part of their digital transformation plans, this UK regulator required Information Architecture services to support their migration to SharePoint as their new Records and Document Management solution.

Information strategy for healthcare charity

This not for profit organisation needed to establish an Information Strategy which ensured that their information was well-managed and structured.

GDPR Compliance case study
Information Discovery case study

Delivering GDPR compliance and data protection confidence

A multinational manufacturer was in the process of acquiring a small local company and needed to assess their new acquisition’s data protection maturity.

Maximising value of information for research institute

A research institute needed to develop advanced data management capabilities to maximise the value of its information.

European independent inter-governmental organisation
Information architecture case study

Integrated approach to document management

This European independent inter-governmental organisation needed a strategic, holistic, and integrated approach to information and document management.

Digital transformation modernises workplace

This society needed to transform itself from a traditional print publisher to an electronic publisher which required a detailed Information Architecture.

The National Archives
Governance for Microsoft 365 case study

Improving records retention

The National Archives (TNA) identified a need for guidance on the retention, disposal and transfer for the charities and voluntary organisations sector. Metataxis was happy to help!

Information architecture for Microsoft 365

A UK regulator’s document and records management system was no longer in support. They selected Microsoft 365 as the new technology platform but needed to ensure their legal and regulatory obligations were met.