Case Study: Migrating to Microsoft 365


As part of their digital transformation, a UK regulator instigated a programme of work to implement SharePoint as their Records and Document Management solution.  The project included migrating all the records out of their existing document management system into M365 and decommissioning the old system. 


Metataxis were engaged to develop the SharePoint Information Architecture which would support the migration. Key requirements of the Information Architecture were to maintain accessibility, confidentiality and integrity of documents, ensure ease of use and enhance the user’s experience of document management, collaboration and sharing. We were required to:
  • Engage with the business to capture Information Architecture requirements
  • Define the Information Architecture for SharePoint – including site/library structure, columns, metadata and permission inputs
  • Support and inform the SharePoint configuration – including records management policy and retention schedule implementation
  • Support the planned implementation, and act as Information Architecture SMEs


Analysis and requirements gathering
The requirements were gathered through desk research, along with a series of interviews, workshops with representatives of all business areas and central governance functions such as IT, Information Security, Internal Audit, Legal and Data privacy. From this we defined functional and non-functional requirements, a domain model representing the content and their relationships and business use cases and scenarios.
Design and implementation
We designed an Information Architecture which supported management, consistency and interoperability of information between systems to enable efficient usability, findability and compliance. We worked closely with the SharePoint Technical Project team, providing them with the Information Architecture and support for the solution design and implementation.
Migrating the data
As part of our engagement, we worked with the SharePoint Technical Project team to define the criteria applied to identify documents to be migrated, including associated metadata, audit logging etc. We also provided technical advice on migration and advice on resourcing, planning and phasing.


The Information Architecture Metataxis created provided the client with a functional structure for their SharePoint implementation that guaranteed the accessibility, confidentiality, and integrity of documents, ensuring ease of use and enhancing the user’s experience of document management, collaboration and sharing.

In addition, the Information Architecture provided enriched information through the application of metadata to support the reuse of information reducing the impetus for duplication and gave the client the ability to combine information from multiple sources to provide a “single version of the truth.” This work made a significant contribution to the client’s overall programme to rationalise repositories, decommissions legacy systems, reduce IT costs, and improve information governance.

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