Methodology: Mystical or meaningful?

Addressing the methodology hype

In his latest blog, Marc Stephenson, Director at Metataxis, discusses the mystique around methodologies typically presented by consultancies and the Metataxis approach to success.

The methodology mystique

There is often a lot of nonsense surrounding how consulting actually works and how consultants speak. In particular, how consultancies sell the specialness of their services by selling the specialness of their methodologies (I’m looking at you, big consultancies). Often “The Methodology” has an impressive, long, acronym, that has good marketing impact, and an even more impressive diagram explaining the methodology. 

I’m not saying that such methodologies have no value, but I do think they are over-hyped. In my view, they are often conceived to be clear enough to sound useful, and be a clear consultancy differentiator, but also not so clear that the potential client can simply use them without hiring the originating consultancy! I also question whether a fixed methodology (as they usually are), is always well suited to the variable, unstructured world of information management.

The Metataxis approach

Metataxis takes a different approach. We have some methodological tools at our disposal of course, but when and how we use them really depends on the client and what the client is trying to achieve. Metataxis is focussed on delivering value to our clients and we’ll use any techniques and approaches that does just that – we are not slaves to The Methodology.

Listening to customers

If I was forced to define the Metataxis methodology, I would say we take the time to understand the client’s context, ask about what the client needs, and most importantly, listen to what our clients’ say. Not complicated, and definitely no methodology mystique.

Interested to learn more? If you’re looking for a fresh, clearer approach to consulting, we can help. Get it touch today.

Announcing our new partnership with Leadership Through Data

LTD partnership

Happy New Year! We’re really pleased to start 2022 with an exciting announcement!

Metataxis is delighted to be joining partnership with Leadership Through Data. As leaders in information governance training in the UK and Australasia we are delighted to be working with Leadership Through Data to deliver both courses and in-house training.

At Metataxis we feel we share many of the same values as Leadership Through Data. We are both passionate about empowering our clients to manage their information effectively and with confidence. This makes Leadership Through Data an excellent fit for Metataxis as a training delivery partner.

Bringing our services of training and consultancy together in partnership provides you with a “one-stop shop” for all your information governance needs. Metataxis training is now to be provided through Leadership Through Data, who provide an excellent range of courses on Information Governance, Information Management and Microsoft 365. Our Metataxis consultants are pleased to be joining the LTD team as trainers and look forward to meeting delegates in 2022.

Leadership Through Data is now also offering consultancy services through Metataxis, who can provide consultancy services for information management, information governance, information architecture and Microsoft 365.

Leadership Through Data and Metataxis have already been working together on a new course on Information Architecture for Microsoft 365 which will be launched in 2022. This is just one of the first of the joint initiatives we are working on and we look forward to continuing to our deliver services, with our shared commitment to helping our clients be the best they can be.


Sharing our knowledge with Information Managers of the future

Metataxis is pleased to be invited to contribute to the continuing development of knowledge and information leaders. The City, University of London Department of Library and Information Science (or CityLIS for short) provides one of the most well-regarded courses on library and information science in the UK and we are please to be given the opportunity to contribute. Our director Noeleen Schenk has donated her time to CityLIS in order to share her expertise on knowledge management. Noeleen will be in excellent company, delivering a joint lecture with Ian Rodwell, Head of Client Knowledge and Learning at Linklaters.

The delivery of the joint lecture has become something of an annual event. Metataxis have contributed to the information management course at CityLIS for a couple of years now, and it is something we look forward to each year. Making that connection between academic learning and practical application is important, ensuring graduates emerge from courses better prepared for real-life information management challenges. Noeleen and Ian will be delivering a lecture that focuses on knowledge management theory with a strong focus on practice and technique.

Noeleen’s understanding of knowledge management theory and practice has been extremely useful for us when working with clients. Having a knowledge management background can be helpful in many obvious, but sometimes unexpected ways.

If you want to know more about how you can leverage these methods to improve information management, or just want a general catch up about knowledge management use the contact form on the right.

A proper night out with Metataxis


It’s been a long time since we have had the opportunity to meet up with our associates, partners or clients face to face. So we were absolutely delighted to see so many at our Associate Night at the Edinboro Castle last week. There were many familiar faces there, some who we haven’t seen in over a year. And then there were those who we have only ever spoken via screens who we were excited to meet in person.

For some of us it was our first proper night out since early 2020. After over a year of restrictions we’ve learned to treasure what was previously something we took for granted; meeting colleagues at the pub for a good catch up. While we’ve all managed to continue to work remotely surprisingly well, nothing replaces the immediacy of a hug, a smile, or just enjoying being in the same space.

We hope those who attended our Associates Night enjoyed themselves as much as we at Metataxis did. And we hope that we get to see our friends and associates again very soon.