Information Architecture Training for Microsoft 365

All you need to know about Microsoft 365 Information Architecture 

11 Dec 22 – Book your place on our virtual training course this January

Besides supporting customers with their information management projects, our Senior Consultant and information governance guru, Siobhan King, also delivers comprehensive training courses for those looking to learn more about Information Architecture (IA) for Microsoft 365.

Delivered through our training partner Leadership Through Data, this virtual course, “All You Need To Know: Microsoft 365 Information Architecture” is an ideal opportunity for attendees to consider the practicalities of rolling out an IA, taking into account everything from gaining senior buy-in to working effectively with colleagues in IT.

Why you should attend this course?

Course attendees regularly feedback that our course really helps them to have much better conversations with IT about Microsoft 365.

This is in part because our course helps people to understand how Microsoft 365 works by providing live examples and opportunities for hands on development of Information Architecture.

Seeing Microsoft 365 products such as SharePoint, Teams and Purview from an Admin perspective and putting this into context really does help establish a common language with IT when working together to develop and roll out Microsoft 365 applications.

This Microsoft 365 Information Architecture course also provides insight into the IT perspective for managing Microsoft 365 products and helps attendees to form productive working routines together with IT.

Siobhan explains: “The thing that strikes me each time I teach this course is that for a roll out of Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams to succeed, organisations need to establish who is responsible for what at the very beginning.”

There are two specific types of roles to consider: 

  1. who will be the decisions makers
  2. who will be the implementers

Each of these roles is equally important because between them, they help to avoid any snags in a project and ensure things get done. This is such an important conversation to have up front.

The IA course also helps learners identify any other activities and considerations that may similarly require a discussion regarding roles and responsibilities.

How to book

Siobhan will be delivering this course again in the week commencing 9th of January 2023 and we couldn’t think of a better way to start the new year!

Places are limited but there is still some availability. If you would like kick start 2023 and learn all you need to know about Microsoft 365 Information Architecture, simply click the button below to book your seat now!

Microsoft 365 Audit & Investigation Training

How to undertake a Microsoft 365 Audit and Investigation

02 Dec 22 – Boost your confidence in Microsoft 365 Audits & Investigations

Calling all Auditors! 

Are you looking to strengthen your Microsoft 365 skills and learn more about the Microsoft 365 environment tools you need to run an internal Microsoft 365 audit and investigation for your organisation?

Then this training course is for you.

Delivered by our very own Noeleen Schenck, in partnership with Leadership Through Data, this Microsoft 365 Audit and Investigation training course will guide you through the Microsoft 365 environment tools that you will need. This course will give you the confidence to identify what information is being shared in your organisation and how to search for information inside your Microsoft 365 tenant.

What you will learn

Attendees on this course will learn how to use the Investigation Analytics, Configuring Polices, Alerts and Triage experiences, Remediation and Litigation procedure.

This course is for members of an Audit Team or anyone associated with a type of role that provides an audit function for internal investigations at all levels.

This virtual course also offers 12 CPD credits to all attendees. 

Sign up now! Upcoming SharePoint and Office 365 training course

How to manage your information effectively in SharePoint
and Office 365.


This course will explain the capabilities of SharePoint,
Teams, OneDrive and the wide range of Office 365 applications, enabling
delegates to setup an Office 365 environment which meets their needs and which
can be managed effectively.  The course also covers the steps to be taken
to create an information architecture in SharePoint and Office 365, and the
effective governance of Office 365.

The trainer will take delegates through:

Course materials will be presented – and copies made available
to all delegates at the end of the course. The format is informal and
interactive with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and share experiences
with other delegates.

Please note that technical ‘hands on’ exercises are not
included in this course.


The course is aimed
at anyone looking to implement Office 365, exploit their existing Office 365
deployment, or improve a currently ineffective Office 365 system.

Date and time:

Canada Water Library, 21 Surrey Quays Road, London SE16 7AR.

course runs for a full day from 9:30 – 16:30, and will be delivered by Marc
Stephenson, a SharePoint and Office 365 expert of 15+ years.

sign up or for more information, please contact or visit our website.

members – check out our training discount.

Metataxis award for CityLIS student to attend the CILIP Annual conference

The winner of the Metataxis award for a CityLIS student to attend the CILIP Annual Conference has been announced. 

Image from the storyboard by Cathi Woods, 2019
Will there be robot Librarians? Will society turn into information seeking zombies?
Image from the storyboard by Cathi Woods, 2019

A press release from CityLIS states: “The winning submission was a comic strip on ‘The future of the document’ prepared by CityLIS student, Cathi Woods.  The award judges said:

“This was a very appealing cartoon-style presentation.  It embodies part of the principle of varied document types and provided an engaging experience.  The storyboard approach was well constructed and provided a coherent synthesis of many relevant concepts.”

“Excellent: original, and very well carried out”

“The jokes are great.  A lovely use of humour to explain a serious and critical topic”

“This could be developed into a useful educational tool”

The Department of Library and Information Science at City, University of London are very pleased that there is such strong support for the next generation of information professionals to become actively involved with CILIP.  It represents a great opportunity for early career professionals to network more widely and to bring their own fresh perspective into the profession.

The winner will have the opportunity to present a poster at the Annual Conference.”

CityLIS is the innovative Masters programme run by Department of Library and Information Science at City, University of London.

For more information see , or read about the Metataxis award here.