Data Protection and Privacy

Data Protection and Privacy
Data Protection and Privacy

To meet your GDPR obligations, you must first understand what personal data you process. It is a real test of how well you manage your information.

There’s a lot to consider to ensure you are compliant with today’s data protection requirements. Not meeting these important requirements can expose you to greater risk and higher compliance costs; and data breaches can significantly impact your reputation. Compliance requires many different actions involving multiple parts of your organisation including HR, Communications, IT and governance. Here at Metataxis, we understand how difficult it is to coordinate and hard to know where to even begin to meet the strict GDPR requirements.

Our data protection and privacy solution

Metataxis is well-placed to support you in your plans to comply with GDPR and other data privacy regulations. We bring together a great blend of skills and expertise required to get you well on your way to meeting your compliance obligations. Our years of experience developing information strategies, writing policies, introducing change and managing records means we have the skills to implement your GDPR programme and help you develop clear and easy to follow compliance roadmaps and outputs.

What we can deliver

The outcome

With our expertise, you will have a greater understanding of why, where and how your personal data is managed. Knowing this will make it much easier for you to respond to Subject Access Requests and will give you the insight you need to manage risks and avoid data breaches. You will be able to demonstrate confidently to regulators, auditors, customers and peers that your organisation complies with all the necessary data protection requirements. In addition, you will also have an overview of all your data across your organisation, giving you the foundations of well-managed information in your business.

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