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Microsoft 365

Teams, SharePoint and M365 apps

We provide technical and information management support to help you get maximum value from Microsoft 365. Find out more >>>

Retention and Disposal

Records Management

Records Management

By keeping all your information forever, you increase costs, risks and confusion for people trying to find information. Find out more >>>

Information Architecture

Metadata, Taxonomies and Ontologies

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Information Audits

Information Discovery

Information Inventories and Audits

To make decisions on information strategy and system design, you must understand what and where the information is. Find out more >>>

Information Governance

Governance, Policies and Procedures

Making information policies and procedures effective frequently means getting people to do things differently, for good. Find out more >>>

Information Management

Information Strategy and Management

Effective information management requires an effective information strategy. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Find out more >>>

GDPR and Data Protection

Compliance, Record of Processing

Meeting your responsibilities under GDPR is a test of whether your information is managed as an asset or is a liability to you. Find out more >>>

Information Migration

System and Information Migration

Systems have to change over time, so organisations need to migrate information from one system to another. Find out more >>>

Programme Management

Projects and Change Management

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