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Information Audits and Inventories

To gain value from your unstructured information, rather than just accepting ever-increasing storage costs and risks, you need to understand the  information you have – what it is and where it is.  

Information Architecture and Metadata

Discover how we can help you gain insight, increase findability, and effectively leverage your information through the use of taxonomies, ontologies and metadata.

Retention and Disposal Management

By keeping all your information forever, you increase costs, risks and confusion for people trying to find the ‘right’ information. We help you determine what you need to keep and what you can defensibly delete.

Information and System Migration

Systems have to change over time. This results in organisations needing to migrate information from one system to another, often at huge cost and effort. Find out how Metataxis can help.

Governance and Policies

Making information policies and procedures effective in an organisation frequently means getting people to do things differently, for good. We are experts in helping organisations make that happen.

Information Management and Strategy

Effective information management goes much further than simply creating a strategy and supporting policies – we can help you implement and manage your changes and transformations.

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GDPR and Data Protection

Meeting your responsibilities under GDPR is really a test of whether your information and data is managed as an asset or is, in fact, a liability to you.

Microsoft 365

We provide technical and information management consultancy to help you architect, implement, fix or migrate to Microsoft 365.

Information Strategy

The need for organisations to formulate a business strategy which describes the desired future and how to get there has been long understood.

Information Architecture

Information architecture is a discipline focused on the art and science of organizing information to help users find what they need and to support efficient content management.

Information Governance

Information Governance

Information governance is a discipline that helps organisations meet their obligations in demonstrating that they are managing their information correctly

Records Management

Information Management covers a wide set of disciplines. Effective Information and Records Management requires a breadth of expertise and experience.