Moving to a new system or upgrading an old one? It means you need to move the information within it – along with all the rich metadata that proves the information’s authenticity. We can help you do this the right way.

Systems used to manage information need to change over time. This results in organisations needing to migrate information from one system to another at huge expense and effort.

Planning and carrying out information migrations not only requires technical expertise, but also a fundamental understanding of the information itself.

Metataxis has advised and delivered many migration projects. Our approach is based on practical experience, and uses a toolkit of:

  • Bespoke processing scripts
  • Dedicated software tools
  • Ad hoc data manipulation techniques
  • Manual processing when needed

Our aim is to carry out the most accurate, cost effective and useful migration as possible. Metataxis knows that data migration is not primarily a technical problem: it is much more about information, processes and people.