Information Architecture

Information Architecture
Information Architecture


Structuring your information architecture to make it easier to find and to see new connections and patterns can give you powerful insights into your organisation. Metadata, taxonomies and ontologies are key to better leveraging your information.


An information architecture is a crucial initial step to the successful implementation of any information system. You wouldn’t start building a house without an architecture and the same logic applies to building a system. A good information architecture requires that content, technology, people, business requirements, and cultural factors are all considered at the same. 

Our information architecture solution

As internationally recognised experts in the taxonomy and ontology field, we are well positioned to help you put in place the necessary frameworks to enable you to leverage your information. We understand that these semantic structures must deliver value and we use our many years of practical experience to do just that.

What we can deliver

  • Domain model: a conceptual overview of all your information, no matter where it is
  • Container design: the structures and file plans that your content should be stored in
  • Navigation design: the labels and hierarchies that enable effective navigation
  • Metadata schemas and data models: the attributes and definitions of your types of information
  • Vocabularies: the pick lists, taxonomies and ontologies used to control metadata values
  • Findability design: the approach for searching, filtering, and grouping
  • Permission design: who can do what, to collections of content, and how to control it
  • Template design: the site, page, document and other templates needed for consistency

The outcome

A well-designed information architecture will help you to sort through the background noise of too much information, reveal new connections and highlight opportunities to better exploit your information. Working with us will help you understand what metadata, taxonomies and ontologies can do for you and give you the framework you need to structure your information to most effect.

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