Information Findability

Search will not solve all your information access problems despite what some vendors insist.

Repeated research has shown the answer to information access problems is find, not search. Find includes search, but crucially it acknowledges all the other ways that users might try to discover exactly what they need. Organisations should consider what kind of find behaviours need to be supported. These behaviours will change depending on the task, the user, the content, the subject, and the technology being used. One size does not fit all, and developing an appropriate approach involves (among other things) consideration of how a document is structured and what type of metadata should be applied to it. If this is done correctly it allows users not only to search but also to browse, navigate, filter and find, with precision, the required information.

Metataxis has spent many years helping organisations develop the strategies and information structures that underpin findability in order to provide good support for users, whether they are internal staff or external partners, stakeholders or customers.