Information Discovery

Information Discovery
Information Discovery
To gain value from your information, rather than just accepting ever-increasing management costs and risks, you need to understand the information you have. Information discovery is the first step on this path.
Most information held in systems grows organically, usually without an overarching information strategy, or information architecture to manage this growth. This can result in less oversight as to the information you have, which can in turn lead to duplicated, fragmented, redundant, insecure and unmanageable information. Information discovery can help you identify the information your organisation holds and its characteristics. These are important steps in understanding, managing and then getting the most value from your information.

Our information discovery solution

An information inventory or information audit can show you what information you have, its characteristics, how it is used, and where it is used. This is an essential step towards developing an information architecture, identifying and managing information risk, and supporting good information governance.

What we can deliver

  • Summary and detailed analysis of the information you hold
  • Visual and tabular outputs describing your information
  • A recommendations report describing information strengths and potential problem areas
  • A strategy and roadmap to remediate or improve your information holdings

The outcome

Having an information inventory allows you to manage your information, and ensure you understand exactly what you hold, where, and why. You will be able to understand and identify elements of risk, and better evidence compliance measures. Colleagues will be able to work more efficiently and be able to find relevant information more easily, saving time and resource for individuals and your business.

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