Information Governance

Information Governance
Information Governance
Information governance requires a holistic approach that addresses information issues first and foremost to enable you to effectively manage your business.
To be competitive today, you need to be able leverage your information to maximise business efficiency. But how well are you actually managing your information right now?  You may be monitoring incident reporting and policy checklists for your information, but these elements are only indicators. These cannot tell you how well you are managing your information. This can mean that you will miss out on critical insights to help you run your organisation more effectively and make smarter business decisions; avoid duplication; and reduce security and compliance risks. This is why information governance is so important.

Our information governance solution

Metataxis can put you in a really good position to make the most of your information. We can help you pinpoint where you can make long-lasting, relevant improvements and show you how to make valuable information driven changes for the better for your business. We can also assess your information risks and make clear recommendations and controls that you can easily integrate into your existing strategy and plans to maximise the value of your information for you and your users.

What we can deliver

  • Governance frameworks
  • Risk assessments
  • Information audits
  • Access models
  • Policies and guidance
  • Maturity models

The outcome

Working with us will give you a clear and accurate picture of how well you are managing your information as well as what you can do to improve it across your organisation. Having good information governance in place will give you the key insights you need to make meaningful data driven business improvements and decisions, as well as peace of mind that your information risks are effectively managed.

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Information Governance Case Study
How Metataxis developed helped European agency with information governance.