Information Strategy

Information Strategy
Information Strategy

Information strategy is more important than ever. The increasingly complex information environment today demands that organisations need to apply strategic planning disciplines to the management of their information.

The high volumes of information and data which are being generated in today’s digital environment is driving an increased and urgent need for information management practices to be addressed. Although the number of technology advancements, such as AI, provide opportunities, without taking a holistic and strategic approach the management of information, an organisation’s ability to leverage these is severely compromised. This is why information strategy is mission critical for businesses today.

Our information strategy solution

Metataxis will work closely with you to understand your information management landscape, along with your organisations’ strategic goals, and most importantly how information contributes to the realisation of those goals. We will define a set of core information management principles to be applied along which take account of your organisation’s context and deliver key benefits of good information management.

What we can deliver

  • Identification of vision and target state
  • Gap analysis of current state and target state
  • Information risk evaluation and SWOT
  • Transformation plan
  • Information strategy action plan

The outcome

An information management strategy will establish the roadmap to help your organisation uncover your information to break down silos, create insights, improve information governance and help you govern your information more efficiently.Our information strategy services can help you gain greater control and compliance, and your employees will be more productive. This will ultimately help you to improve services, make smarter business decisions and deliver faster outcomes.

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