To Keep or Delete?

By keeping all your information forever, you increase costs, risks and confusion for people trying to find the ‘right’ information. We help you determine what you need to keep and what you can defensibly delete.

Many organisations suffer from information overload, whether it be growing servers, bulging inboxes or offsite paper mountains.

There are many good reasons to ensure that you have a strategy for disposing of data no longer required including:

  • rising storage costs;
  • data protection requirements;
  • increased efficiencies, and;
  • the need to defend disposal decisions.

We are pragmatic in our approach to helping organisations address the need to manage data effectively in the long term.

Where to start?

Have a lot of data to review? Not sure where to start? Metataxis can develop a strategy to prioritise disposal across your information estate. Our approach includes reviewing your existing information landscape, identifying risks and costs to help develop the right strategy for you.

We can work with you during an initial consultation which will provide you with an action plan. Our advice is independent and vendor-neutral so you can be assured we will provide solutions that most suit your business and resource profile. With our support you can make information disposal a routine business practice.

Making disposal routine

  • Reviewing your legal obligations and the business needs to retain data
  • Building a list of rules into a Retention Schedule which governs how long data is kept
  • Incorporating GDPR obligations into your retention rules
  • Applying retention rules or building these into the architecture of your systems and processes
  • ROT analysis and removal (Redundant, Obsolete or Trivial)
  • Developing procedures, templates and routines to ensure disposal is actually done
  • Providing procedures which ensure you can legally defend any disposal decisions you make
  • Addressing the cultural barriers to disposal through Change Management

Take control

Disposal of data for can seem daunting because it is so permanent. Metataxis has the experience and expertise to ensure you can confidently make disposal a routine business practice.

Take control of your data by making a start. Contact us at