Metataxis New Zealand

Metataxis New Zealand is a Wellington-based consultancy focused on helping clients make the most of digital information. We get organisations back on track when people can’t find what they need, can’t trust what they find, or lack confidence their information is being handled appropriately.

Our Wellington-based directors are Judi Vernau, Liz Wilson, Nigel Baxter and Michael Upton. Our primary areas of expertise are information architecture, governance and management. We combine this expertise with practical consulting skills and techniques, to get things done. We talk like normal people and can present problems and solutions the right way for senior executives, operational managers or general staff. We are independent of technology vendors. We have broad experience of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions including Microsoft 365, tools for analysing and making sense of years of documents, ontology management solutions, cloud governance services, and more. Some examples of work Metataxis New Zealand consultants have done in recent years include:

  • Developing the information architecture, including ontology, of an ECM for large government departments
  • Planning and delivering business and technology changes to support GDPR compliance, data protection and privacy
  • Providing vendor-independent advice for the selection of ECM solutions, Shaping the operating model for a large government department’s information management function, including on-the-job coaching and capability building
  • Managing the migration of hundreds of thousands of files between government agencies during the disestablishment of an organisation, from providing Public Records Act advice, through mapping metadata between systems, to importing the migrated files
  • Designing and delivering training in information architecture and managing digital records, in conjunction with Victoria University of Wellington and Archives New Zealand

If you’d like to get in touch, contact Michael Upton on +64(0) 21 834488.