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Supporting information governance and records management with IRMS

The Information & Records Management Society (IRMS) is an association for information professionals and students, supporting and bringing together all those working in information governance, records management, data protection, information security and more.

IRMS is focused on providing leadership in records and information management with the aims of:

  1. Championing the status of information and records management through representation, external liaison and promotion;
  2. Supporting professional development through sharing knowledge and expertise;
  3. Promoting all aspects of good information and records management practice.

To do this, the Society supports and promotes activity across the profession, is active in advocacy for the profession, and engages in mutually beneficial collaborations with other organisations for the benefit of both our membership and the wider profession. 

As an Information & Records Management Society partner and records management specialist, Metataxis attends member events and is an IRMS-approved training provider. 

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