GDPR and Data Protection

Meeting your responsibilities under GDPR is really a test of whether your information and data is managed as an asset or is, in fact, a liability to you.
If your information is managed as an asset, you will:
  • know where the personal data you process is held, wherever that may be – business application, cloud system, email or shared drives;
  • know who it relates to;
  • know who you share it with;
  • know what you do with it, and how those actions are justified;
  • know that you keep it for as long as you legally should, and only for that long;
  • manage and protect it and;
  • fulfill data subject rights requests, such as Right of Access, Right to Rectify and Right to Erasure, expediently and without impacting your business.
However, for many companies achieving this is a big challenge. Metataxis can work with you to close the gap between where your information and data is now, and where it should be. We do this by:
  • Working with you to create an action plan
  • Providing vendor-neutral, independent, expert advice
We have delivered for clients:
  • Independent analysis of current GDPR programmes of work
  • Analysis of acquisitional targets to identify and remediate GDPR information and data risks
  • Scalable Records of Processing solutions ranging from data gathering and template design through to globally implemented Records of Processing using SharePoint
  • Globally managed portal solutions of GDPR Suites containing Data Breach Incident Responses, Record of Processing, Data Subject Requests, Data Protection Risk Register, IT Asset Register, Personal Data Terms, GDPR related policies and user guidance
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