Making Change Stick

Policies and Change Management

Making information policies and procedures effective in an organisation frequently means getting people to do things differently, for good. We are experts in helping organisations make that happen.

Good information management usually requires changes to the way that stakeholders do their job, and that this change is ongoing and sustainable.

Why is Change Management important when it comes to people and information?

Strategy, technology, process, product or compliance changes usually mean something between people and information needs to change.

When this change is recognised and managed successfully:

  • People understand what change is required from them and why
  • People can easily find, access or create the information they need to do their roles well, despite the changes
  • People know what the right thing is to do with the information

The benefits of this are:

  • People and teams can do what they are good at, without information challenges getting in the way
  • Risks of human error to organisations are mitigated
  • Information and data are organisational assets, not liabilities

Metataxis helps organisations bridge the gap between what people do with information now, and what they need to do, by:

  • Working with you during and initial consultation, resulting in a prioritised action plan
  • Providing vendor-neutral, independent, expert advice
  • Understanding the relationship between people, policy, process, information and technology, and advising on how to align project effort accordingly

We have delivered for clients:

  • Change impact assessments and plans for information, technology and compliance changes
  • Scalable change management advice from training needs analysis through to global programmes of information and process change

To understand how Metataxis can assist you with change management for your people and information email