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Programme Management 2
Programme Management 2

Effective information management goes much further than simply creating a strategy and supporting policies – we can help you implement and manage your changes and transformations. Any changes need to be embedded into the organisation by developing and implementing practical operational procedures, awareness, communications and training.

The management of information requires concrete steps to make your strategies, architectures and information systems deliver  value.  In effect, good information management requires operationalising.

Metataxis information management solutions consider all dimensions of an organisation:

  • Policies: Creation of documents that can be easily used by stakeholders in real scenarios
  • Processes: Defining ways of working to deliver all the needed outcomes
  • People: Supporting organisational change in all its forms
  • Information: Understanding what information is used, how, and where
  • Technology: Architecting and implementing the necessary tools to make it all work

Only by understanding all these dimensions can usable, practical and sustainable information management solutions be delivered.

Metataxis consultants can tailor the approach to match your specific requirements, taking a practical, pragmatic approach to help ensure your information is effectively managed, the required policies and procedures are in place and good information management becomes part of your day-to-day operations and are central to the way your organisation works.

We have many years’ experience of delivering effective information management solutions to a wide variety of organisations in the UK and overseas.

If you like to find out more about how we can help you derive value from your information and integrate good information management practices into your organisation, please contact us at