Leveraging your Information

Information Architecture and Metadata

Discover how we can help you gain insight, increase findability, and effectively leverage your information through the use of taxonomies, ontologies and metadata.

Taxonomies and Ontologies

Structuring your information to make it easy to find and to see new connections and patterns can give you powerful insights into your organisation. Taxonomies and ontologies give you the ability to better leverage your information.

Metataxis have built a great many taxonomies and ontologies, and are in a good position to help you understand what how taxonomies and ontologies can work for you. Here are just some of the things that can be achieved with taxonomies and ontologies:

  • improved findability with controlled lists of tags, synonyms or filters
  • auto-categorisation of tags
  • automatically assignment of retention and disposal schedules
  • entity extraction
  • identification for relationships between different sets of information
  • improved browsing experience for users

We understand how important it is create the right tool for the job, and to exploit the benefits of a taxonomy or ontology to their fullest extent to give real value for money. We have many years’ international experience of developing these kinds of semantic structures, and of running university, public and inhouse courses.

If you want to know more about how taxonomies and ontologies can better exploit your information, or want to learn how to develop these yourself contact us at info@metataxis.com


Metadata enriches your content, allowing you apply terms that add greater meaning and understanding to your information. When done well, metadata can help you to sort through the background noise of too much information, reveal new connections and highlight opportunities to better exploit your information.

To make the most of your data Metataxis can help you to:

  • scope existing metadata values that can be realistically captured
  • advise on methods of capture e.g. templates, auto-categorisation, manually added tags
  • provide advice on how to manage metadata consistently across a number of business and social media platforms
  • work with you to identify sets of controlled vocabularies appropriate for you
  • advise on use of taxonomies and ontologies and
  • build taxonomies and ontologies that work for you.

Metataxis has devised metadata models, taxonomies and ontologies for government, NHS, third sector and commercial clients. We can advise on what the metadata should be, and what the most efficient ways of capturing it will be. If required, we can even provide people to do the tagging for you in order to take the burden off in-house staff.

Contact us today at info@metataxis.com to see how we can help.