Information Strategy

The need for organisations to formulate a business strategy which describes the desired future and how to get there has been long understood. Less commonly understood is the need to apply strategic disciplines to the management of information assets and processes. The increasingly complex information environment demands that organisations now apply strategic planning disciplines to their information management programme.

An information strategy should also include how to deal with the information interoperability issues of disparate systems, and enabling users to find what they looking for by the creation of a findability strategy. Once an information strategy has been defined it is crucial to design the information architecture which will provide the framework for designing information systems. Once built the systems will need on-going information management to ensure their continued development and use. Information governance is critical for insuring that organisations are fulfilling their obligations and managing the information risk.

Metataxis is expert in developing an information strategy which takes account of your particular business environment and which provides a solid foundation to deliver on the wider organisational strategy.

A strategic planning process with Metataxis would include describing:

  • The vision: what is the ideal image or the desired end state?
  • The current state: what is today’s situation? What is the gap from ideal and why?
  • An action plan: what specific actions must be taken to close the gap between today’s situation and the ideal state?
  • A resource plan: what resources are required to execute the activities?

We can help answer all these questions and set you on a path to a well managed information environment.

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