SharePoint Health Check

Metataxis offer an independent health check of your Office 365 and/or SharePoint deployment to discover potential problems before they become actual problems.

Office 365 and SharePoint, like similarly complex systems, can be configured well and poorly. Many organisations think that Office 365/SharePoint deployment and configuration is both simple and quick. In some cases it can be both of these things; however it is frequently done by inexperienced staff. SharePoint needs to be configured with ongoing information management in mind, and is not a solely technical activity. Poor configuration results in poor long term management, poor usability and reduced business benefit.

The Metataxis Approach

A Metataxis Office 365/SharePoint health check is unique in that it covers both the technology and information management characteristics of your implementation.

The technical configuration of your Office 365/SharePoint system is important, but so too is how your information is organised within your implementation. Failing to understand your information management needs is often overlooked in Office 365/SharePoint deployments which can result in expensive, unusable, or even a failed system. The Metataxis team has the unique skills and experience to bridge the world of technology and information management, to provide a unified and thorough analysis.

The Health Check Methodology

Metataxis has a simple health check methodology that provides quick results. This is based on the many implementations we have worked on.

  • Analyse: A Metataxis consultant conducts an audit of your Office 365/SharePoint environment.
  • Document: The consultant documents their findings to produce an organisation specific set of recommendations.
  • Review: The consultant discusses the recommendations with the organisation, refining them as required.
  • Support: Follow-up advice is available via email or phone after the delivery of the recommendations.

Areas Health Checked

The precise areas health checked will vary depending on the nature of the deployment, but will typically include:

  • High-level Office 365 configuration
  • Site collection and site architecture
  • User permissions and user access model
  • Content types and columns
  • Term sets
  • Search configuration
  • Libraries, views and folder configuration
  • Navigation and high-level user interface
  • Usability and look and feel
  • Information governance and policies
  • Use of social media
  • Use of records management
  • Culture and change management
  • Training and support

Cost and Timescales

A standard health check costs £4,000 + VAT and can be done in 5 days. Other more extensive Office 365 or SharePoint health checks can also be performed if needed. Contact us for more information.