Programme Management

Programme Management
Programme Management

Programme management is the key to successful IT projects. This is because Information projects are seldom just about technology. Implementing information governance, security, or a new operating model requires a coordinated approach and clear planning.

Introducing new systems, information management policies and governance is a challenge. Without the oversight provided by a structured project management approach, the risk of timescale or cost overruns is increased.  Scope may change and the project may not deliver the desired outcomes or expected benefits.  Even if the solution is successfully implemented, there may still be resistance, lack of support from senior stakeholders or poor uptake.  There is a risk that users continue to rely on old processes or work-arounds.

Our programme management solution

Metataxis has the practical experience and specialist skills to make your programme management project a success. Our consultants are practitioners who have proven experience implementing information management solutions that last. We understand the risks and what can go wrong within an information project, so we provide advice that gets your project completed. 

What we can deliver

  • Project and programme governance
  • Stakeholder maps and management plans
  • Risk management plans
  • Project and programme management plans
  • Resource management planning
  • Change management and operating model design
  • Financial and budget management
  • Communication plans
  • Training strategies and plans

The outcome

Taking a structured programme management approach to your information or technology implementation will ensure the success of your project. Planning and coordinating projects from the outset maximises benefits, identifies challenges and helps avoid pitfalls and blockers that would otherwise prevent successful implementation of new systems, policies, and programmes. Well-planned transformation will make your target state “the new normal” for your organisation, reducing much of the pain and cost of implementation.

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