Records Management

Records Management
Records Management

Records management is the ability to manage your information and records. Effective records management is crucial in supporting your business, and being able to meet your regulatory and compliance obligations.

The lack of robust records and information management can cause your organisation many problems. When information is poorly organised and hard to find, staff will lose time searching for information which may be out-of-date or incorrect. And by keeping all your information forever, you increase costs, risks and confusion for people trying to find the ‘right’ information.  Without implementing a process for management and disposal of information, not only do you run the risk of poor decision-making based on low-quality data; you may also be in breach of data protection legislation by keeping personal information for longer than you need to.

Our records management solution

At Metataxis, we have all worked in information management roles in organisations, so we know that what we do for you has to be practical and deliver value. As experts in this field, Metataxis are well placed to help you with your information and records management challenges. All our consultants have many years’ experience in delivering solutions whether that be creating governance frameworks, strategies, retention schedules or implementing records management in systems such as Microsoft 365.

What we can deliver

  • Information and records management policies
  • File plans, business classifications, and information inventories
  • Information asset registers
  • Retention schedules
  • Defensible disposition implementation plans
  • Maturity models
  • System configuration and implementation

The outcome

Working with us will give you a framework for managing your information and bringing order to chaos. You will reduce the problems you currently suffer with information overload and importantly you will also reduce the risk for your organisation by keeping only what you need to keep and complying with your data protection obligations and other legal and regulatory requirements. Your staff will be able to work more effectively and trust the information they are using to carry out their tasks and make decisions.

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