Data Protection

Data protection is a persistent challenge for many organisations. Growth in the amount and complexity of regulation together with changing technologies and user expectations can make it hard for organisations to grasp the issues and risks they face. Metataxis can help you translate diverse regulatory demands into practical management measures that allow you to process personal data effectively, while also achieving an appropriate level of protection.

Our aim is always to produce pragmatic, flexible and forward looking solutions that marry regulatory compliance with operational and commercial effectiveness. We can deploy consultants who have held practising certificates as qualified lawyers and who have hands-on experience of practical data management.

At Metataxis we offer the following core services:

  • Information/Data Inventories and Process Mapping: We can identify key sets of personal data, as well as processing operations and purposes, as the necessary foundation for compliance programmes, information governance agreements and binding corporate rules.
  • Health Checks: Our light touch assessments capture the general picture of organisational compliance and risk, identifying significant problems and recommending high-return actions.
  • Audits: By auditing the extent and effectiveness of privacy policies, frameworks and controls we provide assurance of compliance and, for areas of risk, pragmatic remediation advice.
  • Privacy Impact Assessments: Our tested methodology pinpoints and assesses the privacy implications of proposed new processing and projects – an essential means of demonstrating good intent to regulators and of reassuring data subjects.
  • Privacy Programmes: We can advise on and create all programme elements from strategy and policy through to governance frameworks and substantive controls, tailoring the results to the needs of organisation and its risk environment.
  • Technical Writing: We write clear, accurate policy statements, procedures, checklists and guidance aimed at in-house, third party and public audiences.
  • Training and Awareness: We design and deliver bespoke training for both specialist and general audiences, as well as high-turnover, high-impact awareness raising sessions.
  • Point Solutions: We offer pragmatic advice on specific issues, including third party processors and suppliers, workplace monitoring, data sharing and international transfers.
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