Based on many years’ real-world information management experience, Metataxis can guide you and implement the steps needed for successful GDPR compliance and data protection.

Metataxis ensures that the steps needed to achieve GDPR compliance can be used as wider information management enablers. In this way, organisations can gain significant benefits from all GDPR required activities.

Metataxis enables you to:

  • Know what data you have and where it is
  • Understand what your data risks are
  • Make it easy to respond to peoples’ requests to see, change or forget data about themselves
  • Safeguard your data
  • Protect the systems that hold your data
  • Put policies in place so people know what to do with Personal Data
  • Design new systems with privacy requirements in mind

The Metataxis activities which make up GDPR and data protection compliance are:

  • Concept and Entity modelling e.g. Employee, Customer, Processor, Controller, Recipient, etc.
  • Auto-categorisation using specialised software tools
  • Data and people (subject) categories
  • Retention and Disposal policies and schedules
  • Information policies for end users and IT administrators
  • Information Governance frameworks
  • Data risk analysis and profiling
  • Privacy requirements for new systems built or procured

Metataxis is software independent which ensures the right tools are used for your environment.

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