Information Management covers a wide and diffuse set of disciplines, requiring knowledge and experience in many fields. It involves the collection and management of information from one or many sources, in different mediums, including documents, records, datasets, content, social media, knowledge and collaboration, and the distribution of the information to one or more audiences in the most efficient and effective way. By managing and exploiting its information assets, an organisation can reduce effort, costs and risk as well as increase its effectiveness.

Metataxis can provide the expertise to deliver on a wide range of information management projects including:

  • People and process management: we can offer specific guidance on how to undertake information tasks, putting the correctly qualified people in place and managing them effectively.
  • Developing and implementing policies and procedures: we can help with the development of clear statements outlining your organisation’s intentions for delivering on its information obligations. These are critical for communicating what is required to the people of your organisation but also potentially for external stakeholders such as regulators.
  • Records and document management: the cornerstone of information management lies in the capability to effectively manage an organisation’s documents and records through their entire life cycle from creation through to disposal. At Metataxis we have many years experience in developing the essential elements of a records and document management programme such as file plans and retention schedules.
  • Search: many organisations are failing to make the most of their information assets through an inadequate search capability that delivers poor results. We can help you develop a search strategy that increases the ‘findability’ of your information.
  • Collaboration: increasingly organisations are implementing software to help their staff collaborate but many of these projects are likely to fail to deliver the benefits promised. We understand that people and content are ultimately more important than technology in any project and we can help organisations successfully implement and adopt collaborative ways of working.
  • Deploying semantic and technical tools: we can advise on the appropriate tools (both semantic and technical) required to support all of the above. In this regard we have a specialist service IMSPIRE that is designed to help organisations make an assessment of their information management technology needs.