EDRMS Requirements

The SharePoint Dilemma

Does your organisation struggle to reconcile a SharePoint strategy prepared by its IT department with the information management or records management requirements identified by information governance professionals? Are you wondering whether SharePoint is “good enough” or whether specialist solutions are “too costly”? If yes, IMSPIRE can help.

IMSPIRE dilema

What is IMSPIRE?

IMSPIRE (the Inforesight and Metataxis SharePoint Information Requirements Evaluation) is a joint offering from two of the UK’s leading information management and SharePoint consultancies. IMSPIRE is a rigorous, efficient and flexible way to analyse the fitness of SharePoint to deliver information management within your organisation. It assesses the fitness of SharePoint against your requirements in an auditable way, and it provides indicative total costs of ownership for your options.

IMSPIRE Includes

  • A simple, replicable and tested methodology that is used during the evaluation process, and if needed, after the evaluation process
  • A flexible and tried and tested analysis tool to rank requirements and to produce easy to understand, configurable SharePoint fitness metrics
  • Expert advice and support from experienced information management and SharePoint consultants on how to use IMSPIRE to get what you need from it
IMSPIRE is reusable
IMSPIRE is thorough
IMSPIRE is objective
IMSPIRE is proven
IMSPIRE is flexible
IMSPIRE simplifies decisions
IMSPIRE justifies decisions
IMSPIRE estimates costs


Most commonly, IMSPIRE is used to analyse SharePoint’s fitness for document management or records management requirements. However, IMSPIRE can also be used to analyse fitness for the requirements of other information management applications, such as intranets or business intelligence systems.


The IMSPIRE approach has the following simple steps:

  1. Gather the requirements
  2. Organise and rank the requirements
  3. Analyse SharePoint’s fitness for each requirement
  4. Review the results, refining as needed
  5. Decide whether SharePoint will work for you
  6. Cost estimate and plan the implementation

IMSPIRE methodolgy v7

Analysis Tool

The IMSPIRE analysis tool computes the fitness of SharePoint for your requirements automatically and objectively. The analysis can be subsequently refined to
balance need with total cost of ownership. A copy of the analysis tool is delivered as part of IMSPIRE, so that you can continue to use the tool to explore other requirement options.


As well as the fitness scores delivered as part of the analysis tool, the IMSPIRE service also gives you:

  • Conclusions and recommendations of the analysis tool interpreted by experienced information management and SharePoint consultants
  • An indicative project plan with costs, showing the tasks that need to be done, and with what dependencies
  • A set of summary slides suitable for senior management or in support of a business case

Expert Advice and Support

Inforesight and Metataxis have information management experience spanning many decades, many sectors, and many countries. They have worked on over 40 different
SharePoint implementations to date.

Costs and Timescales

You can procure IMSPIRE in two ways: as a bespoke consultancy assignment, tailored precisely to your organisation’s scale, level of engagement, and other factors; or as pre-defined, all-in packages, shown below.

Simple Intermediate Complex
Small organisations with modest requirements Medium organisations with standard requirements Large organisations with complex requirements
Up to 300 staff 300 – 1000 staff 1000+ staff
2 weeks to complete 4 weeks to complete 8 weeks to complete
£20,000 £40,000 £60,000

Further Information

Contact us at imspire@metataxis.com to arrange a free informal conversation on how IMSPIRE can help you. Also see our IMSPIRE summary sheet.