Marc Stephenson

Marc Stephenson 1
Marc Stephenson
Director, Information Architecture Evangelist and Lover of a Good Brew.

Marc Stephenson is one of the co-founders and Director of Metataxis.

He has spent decades working on the design and implementation of information systems with an emphasis on the usability, architecture and practical sustainability of technology solutions.

Marc has been a SharePoint consultant and information architect for over 20 years, and a Microsoft 365 consultant since the service was first in use. He has been involved with over 50 different SharePoint implementations starting from SharePoint 2003, all the way through to the current Microsoft 365.

Marc has migrated, architected, designed, implemented and configured many information management systems, ranging from intranets, document management systems, record management systems and ECM portals.

He recognises the need to design solutions that deliver maximum benefit at minimal cost, by focussing on the business, users and crucially the information requirements, over unnecessary technology and functionality.