Information governance

What is information governance?

Information governance is a framework for effectively managing your information in a secure and compliant manner. It includes determining your data governance roles and responsibilities and governing bodies, your policy framework and your model for applying a governance programme within your organisation.

To remain competitive in today’s data driven world, organisations need to leverage their information to make smarter business decisions, avoid duplication, reduce security and compliance risks. and ultimately maximise business efficiency. This is why it is so important.

Why your organisation needs information governance

Having an information governance framework in place provides clarity around roles and responsibilities, policies and expected outcomes. Having a clear and cogent approach to managing information helps you set clear expectations to all members of your organisation as well as external partners and suppliers. It also supports the development of robust operating models and well-informed road maps. Identifying and measuring the benefits of your framework allows you to demonstrate how you are continuously improving the way you manage your information.

Our information governance services
  • Governance frameworks
  • Risk assessments and gap analysis
  • Information audits
  • Access models
  • Policies and guidance
  • Maturity models
Key benefits of good governance
  • Clearer vision of your information landscape
  • Consistently well managed information
  • Improved communication with colleagues about goals and expectations
  • Smarter business decisions
  • Improved resource allocation and reduced duplication
  • Reduced compliance risks

How we can help

Metataxis has years of experience delivering information governance solutions in many different contexts.

Whether you are considering it for the first time and want to develop a new programme, or to expand your framework to consider a new product such as Microsoft 365, or even if are looking for an independent assessment of your existing information governance framework, we can help you identify the required components and work with you to develop a framework that fits your organisation.

Why us?

Metataxis can help you make the most of your information.

As information architecture and governance experts, we can identify where you can make sustainable, relevant improvements. We can show you how to make valuable, information driven changes to improve your operations. We can also assess your information risks and make clear recommendations that you can easily integrate into your existing strategy to maximise the value of your information for you and your users.

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