By Marc Stephenson |

February 17, 2023

The value of proper planning

Marc Stephenson, Director at Metataxis, reveals his three reasons why budget planning and project preparation is so important in his latest blog:

After many years successfully delivering consulting services to our clients, we’ve noticed that from about November, there is often an end of year rush. Clients urgently contact us to work on projects that need to be delivered by the end of the March – budgets must be spent! Whilst we are always responsive to client requests (even if that means we are very busy early in the year!), it raises the question – why didn’t you plan better?! I think there are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, we are all living through challenging times, budgets are being squeezed, priorities are being questioned, and therefore work that needs to happen, takes precedence over work that you’d like to happen. We get this.

Secondly, work on information management systems is typically started without having the relevant information strategy, information architecture and governance regime in place. These are not optional deliverables, and many clients do not always appreciate their importance – until their projects start to go off the rails. There is then a rush to get Metataxis involved to fix things!

And lastly, why isn’t information management and the systems that support it a need rather than a want? Ask yourself:

  • Is keeping your information safe and compliant a need?
  • Is enabling your users being to find information a need?
  • Is generating value from your information a need?

Metataxis would argue these are not “nice-to-haves”, they are the essential underpinning of any organisation. You must be able to manage the most important assets your organisation has – it is information.

Sorting your needs from your wants

Here at Metataxis, we understand the value of data. We also understand that proper planning and preparation leads to project success.

Don’t rush to spend your budget on last minute projects. Make this the year to take a moment to plan ahead, prioritise your needs and wants and make that all important budget work harder.

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