Improving information findability and knowledge management

Improving information findability and knowledge management

Comprehensive report accelerates information findability for Public Sector department

Business drivers

As part of a large UK central government department, key stakeholders within this specific division recognised there were problems around information management. Action was needed as a matter of urgency, as it was becoming more and more time consuming for staff to find information, yet the volume of information was continuing to grow and fragment. The team felt there were numerous barriers to working effectively which also presented compliance risks with legal, regulatory, and business obligations.

Key requirements

As Information Management experts, Metataxis was engaged by the client to undertake a comprehensive review of their current information management activities.

This would enable us to identify all the issues across the department. We would then use these findings to deliver a set of clear recommendations and put forward a strategy to address their information management challenges, improve information findability and drive productivity.

The Metataxis approach

Metataxis commenced with over 60 interviews across the relevant department and beyond, to get a better understanding of the current issues and challenges with information management.

We then went on to undertake extensive desk research across policies, guidance and other collateral as well as a review of relevant tools in place, including Confluence, SharePoint and others.

information management interviews

Business benefits

The discovery interviews with colleagues revealed several key themes and pain points. Our final Discovery Report outlined all these findings and themes, along with actionable recommendations to address these issues.

Armed with these valuable insights, we went onto create a high-level information and knowledge management strategy. The strategy included a set of “quick wins,” to help the department instantly improve efficiency and information findability, as well as some longer-term changes required to address the ingrained governance issues. It also offered a list of recommendations which were grouped into 3 stages. This presented a clear roadmap for the client to follow on their path towards information management success.

By leveraging the recommendations included in the Metataxis report, this public sector department can build a strong foundation for successful ongoing information management. With rapid access to the right information, the time spent looking for information will be significantly reduced. The team will be able to work more collaboratively, make smarter decisions faster and avoid duplication of work to drive efficiencies and productivity while meeting all compliance regulations – and ultimately deliver public services more efficiently.

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