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Practical based training courses

Metataxis works in partnership with Leadership Through Data to deliver compelling and valuable training courses for your business.

Leadership Through Data is a training and education provider for the fields of Information Management and Governance, Microsoft 365, Data Protection, GDPR, and Data Ethics.

Available to book online, they conduct their courses via Microsoft 365 Teams which are hosted live by one of their trainers – a working industry professional.

The number of delegates per course is kept low (between 6 & 9) to allow individuals to ask all the questions they need in order to satisfy the issues they may be having related to their day-to-day job. Courses can also be offered as private and tailored in-house training for 6 or more people – a cost-efficient option.

They are also able to offer consultancy and advisory services, as well as FREE monthly webinars – growing in popularity, these are an important source for the Information Management and Privacy industry, particularly their Microsoft 365 Quarterly ‘Ketchups’. If you can’t keep up with the ever-updating Microsoft releases, then join this webinar as they’ve condensed all the latest Microsoft updates into one simple webinar that’s easy to understand and related to Information Governance and Records Management. To watch their most recent ‘Ketchup’ please register via their website, for archived ‘Ketchups’ please find them here.

With offices in the United Kingdom, United States and Australia, they provide services to the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. They conduct their courses in 3 different time zones; GMT, CT and AEDT.

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