Noeleen Schenk

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Noeleen Schenk
Director, Information Management Expert and Avid Book Worm.

Noeleen Schenk is one of the Directors here at Metataxis.

Noeleen has more than twenty-five years’ experience of working in the information sector as a practitioner, researcher and consultant. She is a talented leader and strategist, able to develop strategies based on each client’s unique context, and also, importantly, ensure that they are realistic, pragmatic and can be implemented easily.

All her work is focused on supporting clients to maximise the value of their information assets, while managing and minimising their information risk.

Her projects are built on strong client and user relationships, ensuring that the solutions developed and implemented fit the specific business context and deliver real business benefit.  Noeleen’s service delivery and staff management experience influences all her recommended solutions – she is committed to ensuring that solutions implemented support the usability and applicability of good information management practice, embedding changes into existing business practice.

Noeleen has worked with a wide range of clients developing and implementing information and knowledge management solutions.

Recent clients include central and local government, the third sector, and the legal, financial and educational sectors.

Projects have included information and knowledge management, information governance and assurance and risk management, the creation of policies and guidance, information and data handling, and GDPR. Recently, Noeleen has worked with both public and charitable sectors supporting Microsoft 365 projects from inception, requirements gathering and governance strategy development and implementation. She has provided assurance to local information and records management teams that the solution design meets good information and records management practice based on ISO 15489 and Section 46 (FOIA 2000), including creating and implementing retention and destruction policies.

Noeleen is always looking to build on her knowledge and develop new ways of managing information and knowledge adding value to her consultancy assignments.