By Deborah Jepson |

July 5, 2024

Show and share approach empowers Council to autonomously rollout new records management solution

Metataxis is thrilled to have supported Orkney Islands Council, a local Scottish council, successfully deploy a new Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) on Microsoft 365.

The project has followed a three phased approach, comprising an independent solution review and recommendations, the development of Governance and Information Architecture frameworks for Microsoft 365 and finally, the implementation of the new EDRMS on Microsoft 365.

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Having successfully delivered phases 1 and 2, we were thrilled to be selected as the partner of choice to provide guidance, support and expert oversight on the final phase of the EDRMS implementation for this local authority. We provided:

  • Practical guidance to the Council through the process of confirming high level Information Architecture design decisions
  • Defined, repeatable methodologies and practices necessary to implement IA across the Council
  • Support for the development of Pathfinder sites to establish standard approaches
  • Initial support for the phased development of the IA, including retention management for Microsoft 365

The partnership also supported the transfer of skills and methodologies. Metataxis worked closely with Orkney Islands Council, up-skilling employees so the in-house team could continue the implementation independently, once the Pathfinder phase of work was completed. The benefit of this approach has provided Orkney Islands Council with a higher degree of self-sufficiency and autonomy for the continued implementation, while negating the need for further spend moving forward.

Metataxis delivered the following outputs:

  • A number of Pathfinder sites
  • An initial term set (taxonomy) document
  • An IA development model
  • High-level site/Team templates
  • Retention schedule management assurance

Orkney Islands Council is now enjoying a number of benefits, including:

  • A full understanding of the requirements of an Information Architecture, its constituent elements, and the steps to be taken when developing an IA
  • The ability to develop an Information Architecture independently, without relying on external support
  • A more skilled in-house Information Management team, retaining ownership and authorship of the solution design
  • Working solutions based on the original Pathfinders that can be used as-is and on-developed further as required

Paul Kesterton, Information Governance Officer, Strategy, Performance and Business Solutions at Orkney Islands Council says:

“We received brilliant support and Metataxis has assisted us a lot in our journey to implement EDRMS. They were great to work with, helping to clarify and explain the main considerations we needed to take on board to more effectively handle records management in our organisation.”

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Noeleen Schenk

Noeleen Schenk, Director at Metataxis concludes:

“As Records Management experts, we recognise that Electronic Document and Records Management System roll outs can be costly projects. This is why adopted a collaborative approach to this EDRMS implementation, offering the Council staff full knowledge transfer in order to drive sustainability, confidently up-skill the team while keeping costs down.”

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