By Sharon Stewart |

May 17, 2024

Annual event for information and records management specialists

It was great to catch up with you all at last week’s IRMS Conference 2024 in Brighton.

Covering all aspects of information and records management, this year’s event was centred around techniques to survive and thrive in a sea of information.

Metataxis Consultant, Sharon Stewart, joined numerous professionals from the information, records management, and other related fields, to discuss current challenges in their organisations.

Below are her initial reflections and key learnings from over the three days:

IRMS Conference 2024 Sharon Stewart
  • Information Governance and Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerged as dominant themes.
  • Joanne C Klein (Founder of NexNovus and Microsoft MVP) succinctly stated: “Effective information management is definitely the foundation of AI success.”  We fully agree, as managing the entire information lifecycle—from creation and storage to retrieval and disposal—ensures that AI systems are equipped with high-quality, relevant data. This comprehensive approach helps address the challenges of both the volume and variety of content, enabling AI to deliver accurate and actionable insights.
  • More specifically, a recurring theme in several sessions was the importance of managing and eliminating Redundant, Obsolete, and/or Trivial (ROT) information. By doing so, AI systems can operate more effectively, as they rely on high-quality data to produce accurate results. This approach not only enhances AI performance but also contributes to sustainability goals, supporting efforts towards achieving net-zero emissions by reducing the unnecessary computational resources consumed by processing ROT.
  • Chris Elwell-Sutton (TLT LLP) stressed that AI initiatives need to be requirements-led and not tech-led, emphasising the importance of aligning AI projects with the specific needs and goals of an organisation. This approach not only maximises the value derived from AI but also ensures that the technology is implemented in a way that supports long-term success and sustainability.

And of course, we’d also like to thank all the organisers and speakers for an engaging and informative conference. Hope to see you all next year!

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