Improving records management with Microsoft 365

Improving records management with Microsoft 365

Information architecture and governance for Microsoft 365

Business drivers

A UK regulator’s document and records management system was no longer in support, or fit for purpose. They selected Microsoft 365 as the technology platform for their collaboration, document and records management needs. The regulator required information and records management expertise to support the Microsoft 365 programme and ensure their legal and regulatory obligations were met.

Key requirements

A robust Microsoft 365 solution was required. Therefore, information architecture and governance consultancy support for the transformation programme was essential. Key requirements were to maintain accessibility, confidentiality and integrity of documents, and ensure system ease of use. There was also an increased need to enable remote working as plans for hybrid work environments were accelerated by the covid pandemic.

The Metataxis approach

Working in partnership
We worked in partnership with the regulator to provide expertise and insight into their unique information environment. We worked closely with business representatives to identify their content and understand their business requirements. The detailed information architecture was developed in close consultation with the regulator’s technical design team.

Standards advice
We provided advice on industry standards and best practice drawn from our extensive experience with a wide range of clients. Assurance was provided to ensure compliance with all legislative requirements (e.g. Data Protection Act 2018, Freedom of Information Act 2000). Any compliance gaps were identified and remediation recommendations provided.

Information architecture
We delivered an Information Architecture that consisted of all the artefacts required to support the management, consistency and interoperability of  information within  Microsoft 365.


Business benefits

Development of the Information Architecture lead to increased efficiency, usability, findability and compliance. Creation of a new Target Operating Model facilitated the ongoing technical support of Microsoft 365, as well as information management and information architecture support. Information and records management requirements were designed into the solution, and information and records management policies were implemented.

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