Information strategy success for healthcare charity

Information strategy success for healthcare charity

New strategy for information-led transformation

Business drivers

A health sector NGO needed to rapidly scale up their organisation in terms of size and territorial scope. They required a way to manage information that provided the consistency required to ensure their reputation was not just protected but enhanced. It was also necessary for their Information Strategy to be flexible enough to take into account the global diversity of the organisation.

Key requirements

This not for profit organisation needed to establish an Information Strategy which ensured that their information was well-managed from day one. They needed to leverage information to learn from and improve on clinical outcomes. The Information Strategy needed to address the rapid transformation the organisation was undergoing in order to achieve their goals.

The Metataxis approach

Discovery report
A Discovery Report was developed, bringing together key themes and findings, and to set the baseline for measuring future progress.

Information discovery
We began with a discovery phase of interviewing team members from across the globe – from Colombia to Ghana to Myanmar. Being such a globally diverse team meant understanding not just cultural differences, but also the technology challenges faced by a mobile workforce in locations where connectivity could be difficult.

Technology assessment
Potential technology options were assessed against requirements, and recommendations were made as to the best fit.

Strategy development
The Information Strategy was drafted and evolved in collaboration with our client. It was focused around one of their key foundational processes, while spanning to include their wider mission, culture, and overall requirements.

Healthcare case study

Business benefits

With our support, our client achieved a successful technology transition with minimal disruption to business. They now know which further technology they need and can make an informed decision about the best solutions.

The very process of coming together to understand and define what sort of information culture they wanted has helped the wider team and new joiners feel they are part of one organisation, despite the geographical differences. Our Discovery Report gave visibility to this, increasing awareness for every team member how they could help their team’s performance, and the organisation as a whole. It also set a benchmark to measure their progress so they can track every improvement to sustain progress.

Our client is well on their way to realising their future state where information can be easily found and used by all to derive key insights. It is an asset to support the successful fulfilment of their mission and help build an international reputation for improving clinical outcomes in developing countries

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