By Marc Stephenson |

May 17, 2024

Information governance and Microsoft 365

It was great to see so many of you at last week’s IM Tech Summit 2024, a brand new event run by the Information & Records Management Society (IRMS).

Exclusively focused on Information Governance and Risk Management in Microsoft 365, colleagues Marc Stephenson and Alexander Church were in attendance at this exhibition and conference, specifically designed for Information Management, Privacy, Legal and Risk Management professionals.

Marc shares his initial thoughts on this inaugural conference:

Marc and Alex at IM Tech 2024

The conference was well worth attending and there was support for running it again next year.

It was, of course, dominated by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • We are still seeing general AI overview presentations explaining what generative AI is. Excepted that we are still climbing the “peak of inflated expectations,” but I’d like to see more specific and interesting use cases – more than text content summarisation.
  • Microsoft admitted that there is not (yet) a Copilot recipe for success. We are all still figuring it out.
  • Atle Skjekkeland, CEO at Infotechtion, also said something very insightful. To paraphrase: “AI progress will be slower than we expect, but faster than we can deal with.”

I’ll be looking forward to how the above changes at IM Tech Summit 2025.

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