Creating the foundations for a compliant and modern environment

Creating the foundations for a compliant and modern environment

New framework supports Microsoft 365 implementation for national institution

Business drivers

Established in the seventies, this British institution is located in London and boasts over 400 miles of shelves, including an impressive collection of books, manuscripts, journals, newspapers, magazines, sound and music recordings, videos, play-scripts, patents, databases, maps, stamps, prints and drawings.

This public sector organisation was looking to roll out a new Microsoft 365 ecosystem in order to modernise their existing IT environment, improve security and drive collaboration between staff.

Prior to commencing such major digital transformation project, this national establishment recognised the need for an Information Governance (IG) framework and an Information Architecture (IA) framework to provide a fully costed business case in order to secure budgets to successfully deploy Microsoft 365.

Key requirements

The primary focus of this Microsoft 365 implementation plan was centred around the deployment of SharePoint, OneDrive, and Office 365.

As recognised expert Microsoft 365 consultancy partner and a presence on G-Cloud 13, Metataxis was selected to define the Microsoft 365 implementation business case and IT support model.

The Metataxis approach

In order to confidently estimate the detailed costs of the required Microsoft 365 deployment, Metataxis delivered all the foundational work to support the customer with the development of a comprehensive business case for a full Microsoft 365 implementation.

Over a three month period, the project included a clear deployment roadmap, definition of the Information Architecture including requirements, approach and principles, a Microsoft 365 governance framework as well as a well-defined implementation plan, including the migration approach and project resourcing. We also undertook an assessment of some third party tools to assist content analysis, data migration, and email integration.

And finally, we went on to propose licensing, governance and support models, including BAU resourcing to manage a new Microsoft 365 tenant.

Business benefits

The customer now has a solid foundation and roadmap to develop their business case for a full Microsoft 365 implementation. Armed with a clear view of costs and budget, they can now can confidently progress with securing budgets for their M365 project.

This public sector organisation also has a better understanding of how the new environment can be effectively maintained and governed as well as the resourcing implications for both the implementation, optimisation and BAU maintenance.

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